Who we Are

After the central Government of Somalia collapsed in 1990, the country has witnessed a massive destruction in all social amenities and infrastructure. Civil war that followed resulted in deaths and destruction of livelihoods. Somalia has since then been at the centre of humanitarian.

PDA was formed by Somalia elites in 2000 who felt a national obligation to assist their people and communities by providing humanitarians aid in collaboration with aid organizations and United Nations agencies.


The objectives of the Peace and Development Actions {PDA} organization is to sensitize the local people on the need of development and peace building among the community living together and also fight poverty and educate the population, improve health sector, water and sanitation sector, control environmental pollution and degradation, relief and procurement distribution, carry out civic education to both young and old. More importantly peace building and conflict management and resolution at the national and community levels are the other objectives of PDA.

Peace and Development Actions{PDA} is a non-profit and non- sectarian youth led, Non- governmental organization dedicated to the promotion of human rights and democratic Governance, conflict resolution and strengthening peace through research and community dialogue, youth empowerment , civic education and raising community awareness towards gender equity and applying non-violent mechanisms of conflict management. PDA is also widely alleviation and empowering of vulnerable communities.

Peace and Development Actions

Since its formation in the year 2000, PDA has intervened in many areas concern such as community awareness about risky traditional practices like FGM, GBV and the danger of HIV/AIDs. It is also conducted several community resilient related activities such as encouraging the local community through mobilization to participate in presentation of emergencies and disaster preparedness. Moreover the organization has much stressed on how to best to work with donors in a clear and transparent way while engaging the in all project periods from inception to evaluation and striving for an enabling environment for the beneficiaries to meet their essential needs.

The main objectives of PDA can be summarized as follows

  • Mobilize international as well as the local donors agencies in pursuit of better living condition for the people in the times of need.
  • Provide direction for sustainable community development with the aim of empowering the local people in involvement of their educational development programs
  • Raise awareness of the community on importance of peace and human rights, and need of stable just government.
  • Educate community on peace and conflicts resolution as one of the key pillar in the development process.
  • Enlighten local communities about the importance of socio-economic, cultural, political process in achieving the societal goals and objectives.
  • Promote and increase access to resources for the vulnerable and marginalized IDPs and minority groups, through participatory involvement of community members and other relevant stakeholders.