Our Programs

Our programs are clustered along the following key areas

Education Program

Education is one of the pivotal solutions to conflict in any society. We provide Somali pastoralist’s youth with basic relevant education to empower them to improve their life. Through program funded by donor agencies, we specifically educate less fortune Somali Bantu school age children in Juba region.

Live-hood Program

We are aware that the only way to prevent communities affected by armed clashes is to ensure they have sustainable livelihood program. PDA responses to the needs of the poor families in areas affected by armed clashes in order to help them with basic needs through cash for work, food and non-food items and sustainable livelihood programs.

Water & Sanitation

Since water is life, PDA is committed to support communities in the IDPs, Nomadic Pastorals in order to get access to clean water and improve sanitation to stop the outbreak of the deadly diseases like AWD, Malaria and cholera.

Health Program

PDA is devoted in the health and well-being of the vulnerable mother and child who lives in drought affected areas with very high rate of nutritional malnourishment through integrated programs like TSFP and basic health needs without forgetting to mentioned the concerned for the reproductive health.

Emergency Response

Somalia is one of the countries prone to various emergencies in the world. Response in manmade or natural disasters is an area of our specialization in particular response in cash relief, cash for work and aid distribution among other emergency responses in areas affected by drought, political war and other natural resources.

Protection and Security

Since some parts of PDA geographical coverage was under the radical group of Al shabab, protection shelter and security to the vulnerable people who have been one of the priorities of PDA. Through our program we have witnessed the youth adopting to more safer ways of leaving.