Who we are?

Peace and Development Action (PDA) is a non-profit NGO founded in the year 2000 by group of concerned prominent Somalis.

It was founded on the basic premise of filling the void created by the collapse of Somalia’s central government and the ensued civil war. After almost a decade into the Somali tragedy

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What We Do

Our programs are clustered along the following key areas

Our Vision

PDA envisages that relief efforts with peace pursuit focus followed with development oriented strategically sustainable activities will eventually lead to socio-economic progress and well-being of households and communities; and conceivably


PDA’s mission is a joint of four state of affairs: respond to humanitarian crisis and natural disasters; contribute to the attainment of livelihoods and food security, and alleviation of poverty alleviation and literacy improvements; promotion of peace and human rights; and sustainability of the environment and resources.

Our Goals

PDA’s main goal is to act the driving force of community socio-economic development through peace and conciliation efforts. In essence, PDA links humanitarian and relief activities – the peace components, to strategic socio-economic development, while maintaining the sustainability of the resources base.